Why Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

     The way of having a strong economy and social well-being of our country, passes through having electrical and electronics industry and information technologies sectors producing technologically advanced, high quality, world class, high value-added products through technological development and innovation. Today, when the most rapid changes occur, information and technological infrastructure to process the information, increased the importance of electrical and electronics engineering even more. Almost all technologies are affected by the developments in the field of electrical and electronics engineering directly or indirectly. Therefore, in our country which is growing rapidly in all areas today, besides being a profession needed in the first degree in the industry, the need for electrical and electronics engineers will continue increasingly in the future for years. The rapid developments in the field of information technologies brought about many new opportunities to electrical and electronics engineers, but many new problems waiting for solution too. Electrical and electronics products have begun to show, growing very quickly in diversity and characteristics in recent years. This rapidly developed and changed environment naturally increased the importance and popularity of the electrical and electronics engineering. Being responsible for a wide field of technology, electrical and electronics engineering is an area that changes are rapid and competitions are serious.