Career Opportunuties

     Application areas of electrical and electronic engineering have grown each passing day and in parallel the need for qualified engineers has increased rapidly. Electrical and electronic engineers have the possibility of finding a job in many areas of industry such as information technology, communications, automation and energy sectors. Electrical and electronic engineers can be employed in a wide variety of available public and private sector businesses. Electrical and electronic engineers work in the following areas: the defense industry, wired or mobile (wireless) communication systems, radio and TV broadcasting organizations, control and command systems, robotics, automation, modeling, prototype development, embedded systems design, computer hardware and software, ARGE units, electrical installations, power plants, energy production, transmission and distribution, high voltage, remote sensing, the cable industry, lighting equipment industry, electromechanical industry, building and road lighting, electrical contracting of domestic and overseas factories and enterprises, operating and consulting services, medical electronics systems design, implementation and testing.